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Meghan Dragon


Meghan Dragon is an artist from Las Vegas, NV. Her lifelong passion for the arts was nurtured during her childhood, thanks to her father — a talented artist and art teacher. She followed in his footsteps and taught art for 8 years while continuing to explore the connection between her art, meditation, and the intricate beauty of nature. 

She believes that in every moment, between every breath, there is a tangible opportunity to pause and connect. Her art is an intuitive free flow of watercolor, line-work, and stencil cutting. Often revisiting her creations in Photoshop, she adds new layers, further enriching the visual exploration. 

With her art, Meghan seeks to merge the microcosm of nature with the expansive cosmos that lies behind our closed eyes. By pausing to acknowledge and establish these connections, she intertwines the beauty of our inner world with the wonders found in our outer world. 

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